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Renewal For Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Card Online

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How to Renew Medical Marijuana Card in Pennsylvania in 2024


Review your information on the Medical Marijuana Registry: Log in to your profile in the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Registry and verify that your information is up to date


Follow the instructions in your email: Upon saving changes to your information in the Medical Marijuana Registry, you will get a verification email from the Department of Health. Following the instructions in the email


Obtain a medical marijuana certification: Visit a certified healthcare practitioner to get a medical marijuana certification


Get your medical marijuana card: Once the healthcare provider issues your certification and the Department of Health approves the application, the Department will print and mail the new card to your address

Does Pennsylvania Allow Medical Marijuana Card Renewal Online?

Yes. A Pennsylvania medical marijuana card renewal application can be submitted online via the state's Medical Marijuana Registry. A qualifying patient in the Commonwealth must take the following steps to renew their medical cannabis card:

  • Log in to their Medical Marijuana Registry account as a returning user
  • Find the blue ribbon at the top of the webpage and select profile settings to review and update their personal information, including their address, where there is a change of address. The patient must ensure that updated information matches their state-issued ID or Pennsylvania driver's license. Once this is done, they should save any changes made and click "Renew my registration"
  • Check their registered email address for a verification email containing instructions on the next steps
  • Visit a certified medical practitioner and obtain a patient certification. The physician must not necessarily be the same that issued the initial patient certification
  • Once the physician certifies the patient, the Pennsylvania Department of Health will print a new card for the patient and mail it to the patient's address as registered in their registry account

How Often Do You Have to Renew Your Medical Marijuana Card in Pennsylvania?

Under the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program, registered cannabis patients must renew their medical marijuana cards annually. A Pennsylvania medical marijuana card renewed long before the expiration of the current one will have the date after the original card expires as the issue date.

Do You Need a Medical Marijuana Card Renewal Doctor in Pennsylvania?

Yes. A patient who intends to renew their Pennsylvania medical marijuana card must obtain a patient certification from any physician approved to certify patients in the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program. However, they are not bound to see the same practitioner who certified them for medical cannabis during their initial application for a medical marijuana card.

Only DOs and MDs who hold active licenses with the Pennsylvania Department of State in compliance with the Osteopathic Medical Practice Act and Medical Practice Act of 1985 can participate in the Commonwealth Medical Marijuana Program. However, they must apply to be included on the registry of physicians who can certify patients for medical cannabis and complete a mandatory 4-hour training approved by the Department of Health.

Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Card Renewal Cost

The cost of renewing a Pennsylvania medical marijuana card is $50 for both patients and caregivers. However, patients participating in assistance programs such as CHIP, Medicaid, WIC, and PACE/PACENET may qualify for fee reductions and pay less than $50. Patients are required to log in to their medical marijuana registry account to make this payment once notified by email before the annual fee is due. The email will include a due date, usually about seven days before the current medical marijuana card expires. A patient's medical marijuana card will be automatically deactivated if they fail to pay the Pennsylvania medical marijuana renewal fee by the due date.

Where to Do Medical Marijuana Card Renewal Near Me in Pennsylvania

Registered cannabis patients in Pennsylvania must renew their medical marijuana cards online via the Medical Marijuana Patient Registry once certified by any approved practitioners. There is no central location or office for medical marijuana card renewal in Pennsylvania.

Can I Use a Medical Marijuana Card from Another State in Pennsylvania?

No. Pennsylvania does not share medical cannabis reciprocity with any other state and does not recognize out-of-state medical cannabis cards. As a result, medical marijuana patients with medical cannabis cards issued in other states cannot legally purchase medicinal cannabis in Pennsylvania.

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