Citizens of Pennsylvania Ready to Vote for Marijuana Legislation

A recent poll conducted by the CBS News agency has revealed that for every three residents of the state of Pennsylvania, there are two who have indicated a readiness to vote in favor of Cannabis legalization. This is coming as issues surrounding drug and cannabis policy are being raised in the Governorship and senatorial race in the state.

Over 65% of Pennsylvanians are set to back Adult use legalization of marijuana, this is an increase of about 8% since the last polls conducted in April of 2021, only about 34% are vehemently opposed to the idea.

For office seekers who have been strongly in support of drug policy reform, like the Lt. Governor who is currently running for senate this would present a welcome development even as he has faced fierce opposition from his Republican counterpart Mehmet Oz on the grounds that he was supporting the legalization of the substance. Even the Attorney General of the state who is vigorously campaigning the gubernatorial elections on the Democratic platform, has shown his support for legalization as against his Republican opponent Doug Mastriano. The polls further show that Both Democratic candidates are leading their opponents.

While the breakdown of the poll results have not been released, the overall voting pattern shows a glimpse, that the support for legalization is gaining bi-partisan support, which has been the situation across the country. The poll which was carried out between the 6th and 12th of September with a margin for error of +/-3.8 can be an avenue to show the legislature the stance of the citizens as it regards the legalization of the substance, even as bills and legislations that have been sent to the house have not been enacted.

Sometime in the month of March, the senate committee held some hearings on marijuana legislation where testimonies were taken, that were meant to help inform the committee on the bill being drafted, different legislations were initiated however, at the end of the session none of the bills were successful. The current Governor declared his support for legalization in 2019 and has actively taken steps to reform marijuana drug policy by signing the medical cannabis expansion bill, he has also made efforts to get the legislature which is controlled by the republican party to pursue further reforms, however they have not been largely successful. The Governor further showed his support for legalization when he pardoned a doctor who was prosecuted for growing marijuana which he was to use on his dying wife. This would be his 96th pardon for cannabis related convictions

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