Pennsylvania Marijuana Licensing

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What License Types Exist in Pennsylvania?

The Department of Health (DPH) of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania regulates the Commonwealth's medical marijuana program and issues the following marijuana business permits for qualified individuals and entities:

Growers/Processors Permit

This permit is issued to entities or individuals who grow, store, harvest, and process medical marijuana indoor, secure, enclosed facilities. Licensees can also sell seeds, medical marijuana plants (including immature ones), medical marijuana, and medical marijuana products to other licensed medical marijuana establishments. Additionally, they can package and label all forms of medical marijuana prepared for sale in their facilities. The DPH cannot issue more than 25 growers/processors permits. No more than five of these licensees can also receive a dispensary permit.

Dispensary Permit

This permit holder is authorized to dispense medical marijuana products only to patients, or caregivers in the Commonwealth, who can present valid IDs at a dispensary located in an indoor, enclosed, and secure facility. The DPH may not award more than 50 dispensary permits and no more than five to one person. Each dispensary permit holder in the Commonwealth can operate up to three dispensaries.

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Pennsylvania Marijuana Licensing