New Cannabis Legalization Prospects in Pennsylvania Stated by the Democratic Majority in House

Currently, there are new cannabis legalization prospects in the State of Pennsylvania. This is connected to the won seats by the Democrats after Tuesday's elections. Now they have enough seats to take control of the House. This will positively impact the process of weed legalization.

Even though votes are still in the counting process for two more seats in the House the Democrats have already declared their victory. While the Republicans will still keep the majority (28-22) in the Senate. Yet, there is a chance for weed reforms due to the House's political shift.

It is important to know that the legalization process has been paused in Keystone due to the Republicans’ majority. Even though some Republican lawmakers greatly support bills of reform the authorities in the leadership of Governor Tom Wolf (D) prevented the change of the policy. This means that the cannabis reforms will be strongly connected to the leadership of the GOP("Grand Old Party") which is also a key factor in this regard.

The advocates have a big hope that the newly elected Democratic House will cooperate with the current general attorney Josh Shapiro who is the newly elected Gov. supporting the adult-use weed legalization and stating that it will bring great economic changes in the State. This is to raise the issue of weed legalization in session ​​2023. To allow the legalization bill it is needed to get the support of 4 Republicans at least, backed by Democratic members’ consent.

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